We believe great riding experiences contribute to the sustainable growth of mountain biking.
That’s why we are sharing our proven method for developing mountain bike destinations in a mobile app. Coming this summer 2014.

How it works

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What You Get

4 different analyses to suit your need

Once mountain bikers start registering their personal journeys, we deliver an overview of the current status of your mountain bike destination.

A comprehensive destination dashboard, including the current status of trails, transportation,, hotels, services and the local biking culture provides an in-depth look at your destination. A personal presentation highlights the opportunities for improvements.

Our monitoring involves an efficient check of your mountain bike destination, to help you invest your ressources where they have the biggest impact for you and your guests. It includes an in-person presentation and a workshop, that cover all you need to develop mountain bike tourism.

After a site visit by our experts during a minimum of eight days, the data collected allows for the creation of a customised plan for your mountain bike destination, providing you with direct recommendations for action.

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